Girl with big tits massages a cock and rides it hard

[ Girl with big tits massages a cock and rides it hard Girl with big tits massages a cock and rides it hard

After a long day’s work, Bruce heads to the massage parlour in the hopes that a nice massage can relax him and take care of some of his stress. He undressed and lays down until his masseuse walks in. She introduces herself as Orabella and gets to work on Bruce. She begins by putting oil all over his back and rubbing it in, the whole time getting hornier and hornier. She lets out a few remarks about his muscles, but Bruce doesn’t really take much notice and just thanks her. Then she decides she needs to go a little further to let Bruce know what she really wants. Orabella reaches down and starts stroking his cock, but Bruce pushes her away. He tells her that all he really wanted was a massage and that he doesn’t know what she’s doing. Orabella doesn’t want to hear that, so she gets in front of him and just like magic her huge tits have a hypnotizing effect on Bruce. He presses his face into her chest and she takes off her shirt, revealing a pair of huge firm tits that he can’t help but suck on. As he sucks on her tits his cock gets hard and Orabella spots it from underneath him so she goes in for the kill. She gets on the massage table and pops it into her mouth, as Bruce feels the stress of the day disappear and turn into pure excitement. She does that for a while but she can’t help but need something in return, so Orabella turns around and starts 69ering with Bruce, letting him lick her pussy as she sucks his cock. Finally Bruce can’t take it anymore and he gets up and lays Orabella on the table as he slides his cock past her big pussy lips and deep inside of her.

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