Massage table stroke and fuck

Massage table stroke and fuck
Heinrick is your average Joe Schmoe coming into the massage parlor for what he thinks is a routine back massage to relieve the stresses of everyday life. What Joe comes face to face with is a sex starved nympho maniac that goes by the name of Helena. Helena is about to show Heinrick the path off of the ordinary trail.
This woman greets Heinrick with a barrage of ball smacking and sack biting, which leaves him strangely overwhelmed with emotions. Heinrick is thirsty for more of Helenas antics and challenges her with his own ways of pussy pleasing. As each second passes the animal like instinct that rages through this pair is seeping through the air. Heinrick graps onto Helenas vagina wig for leverage and Helena slaps his balls for pleasure & together this pair put on one hot fucking show, down to the last second.

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