Girl surprises guy with an xrated massage

Girl surprises guy with an xrated massage
Matt is wound tight and is hoping to get some relief from his masseuse, Roxie. Roxie is a not his usual, she is a new girl and lets Matt in on a little secret about her former job. Roxie tells Matt that she is used to giving more erotic, x rated massages and was wondering if Matt would be interested, which he is of course. Things start off with a little pre sex orally stimulated round of blowing and pussy eating.
Now that Roxie has Matts full attention, he slaps on a condom and goes to town on Roxies naughty little pussy. The two fuck so hard that they have to stop things in the middle to change out condoms, and then quickly get right back to business. From side to side and front to back, Matt rocks Roxies world into another universe until he unloads his man juices onto Roxies tits.

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